Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clancy As Tapestry.

Click on this photo to see it enlarged. It's made up of hundreds of tiny photographs, each one a different color and pattern, which make up Clancy's photo. I'm sorry to say I'm not clever enough to do all of this myself. It was made with a computer photo editing program. I hope you enjoy looking at it. You may want to look at it with a magnifying glass. You'll be amazed! ~Carol Jean~

Meet Clancy, And Hear About His Adventure With Waldo.

The funniest thing happened tonight. First, let me introduce Clancy. He's a Pomchi, a Pomeranian Chihuahua. Last year we took him in as a stray. I'll tell more about how we happened to adopt him in a later post. For now I just want to tell you this silly story. We have a modest yard, but we've developed it to include a deck, a patio and a gazebo. There are garden benches all around the yard here and there, and bushes, trees and flower beds, making a nice retreat from the outside world. At night, we have lights over the deck, patio, garage and driveway and it's very easy to see your way around the yard as it's only about half dark. The dogs love to run circles around the gazebo and they've worn a race track into the grass where the grass will not grow. Waldo and Clancy love to chase each other around the gazebo as fast as they can, and when they catch each other, they chew on each other and growl and have a great old time. Today my husband and I went out for dinner and when we got home, the dogs were ready for a good run and tumble in the yard, so we let them out and my husband and I stood out by the garage watching them play. Around and around they went, circling the gazebo. It's always fun to watch how fast they can go. Then for some reason, Waldo decided to turn and run back in the other direction. Both dogs came careening around opposite corners of the gazebo, and yup, you guessed it! They crashed head first into each other with their heads knocking like a couple of mountain goats, and what a thud it made! Clunk their heads went, like something out of the three stooges! It was so funny! Luckily it didn't seem to hurt them and they went running off together again. But I'll bet Waldo will think twice before doing that again! Poor Doggies. I wonder if they're having headaches tonight. Woof! ~Carol Jean~

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Carol Jean, Age Two, Holding A Kitten.

I came across these photos of myself today and just thought I'd share them with you. I have very few photos of myself as a child. I'm surprised to see that I look exactly like my son Chris did at that age, curls and all. I didn't cut his beautiful red curls until he was two. My curls were blond. Here I am holding a kitten in my lap. I've loved animals my whole life but didn't have many as a child. As an adult, I've had a lot of cats, but over time as they passed away, they were replaced with these Dinky Dogs. Just as much fun, but different! I've loved them all. ~Carol Jean~

Meet Waldo, The Royal Hairless Chinese Crested.

I just love this dog. Look at that sweet face and those amazing eyes! Waldo is the only dog I have that is not Chihuahua or part Chihuahua. He's not really Dinky either. The breed standard from the AKC for Chinese Crested Dogs says that they should be between six and twelve pounds, so that's what I expected. Imagine my surprise when he got bigger and bigger until now he's twenty-two pounds at 16 months old! He's finally stopped growing, but he's sure not a little take along in a purse dog like you see in Hollywood! Tonight I had to pick him up to put him on the scale and I could hardly lift him!

I have many more things I'd like to tell you about Waldo, but we'll come back to him some other day. Here's another photo I took of him in profile. He has the prettiest golden hair. It's blond on his face and forehead and then red from the top back. He only has hair on his head, tail and feet. He also has a little on his back that shines in the sun to make him look like a Golden Dog. They are called "Royal Chinese Cresteds", you know!

PS, I would love to hear from anyone out there who has a Big Beautiful Crested like mine! Please leave me a message and share a photo. Take care! ~Carol Jean~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bath Time For Genny-Poo. Just Look At That Funny Face And Those Big, Dark Eyes!

Genny-Poo just hates to take a bath. You can't say the word B-A-T-H or let her see you getting out the towel or she will hide under the furniture for days. She also won't let me catch her, because she always thinks I'm going to do something to her that she won't like. So on Bath Day, the procedure is this...first you let all the dogs outside to do their business. Then you go get the towel and lay out the brush and comb and so on that you will be needing. Then you go out the kitchen door and close it behind you. Then you open the outside porch door and get the dogs to come into the little back porch room and close the outside door on them. Now they're trapped and you can pick up Genny-Poo, or whoever, and then let the rest of the dogs back into the kitchen. But Genny is onto this trick and sometimes she stays out on the deck waiting to see what I'm up to. So I try to act casual...I also avoid looking at her, saying her name to my husband or thinking about the bath, because I'm sure she can read my mind. Finally, I say, don't you want to come in and get a Cookie? Then she comes in and I can catch her. All through her bath I tell her what a good little doggie she is, and promise to give her a cookie when she's done. Poor little dear. After the bath, I wrap her in a towel and rock her in my lap for a while until she relaxes. Then I comb her hair, using only the tip of the comb, on one piece of hair at a time, because she has a shedding undercoat that will tangle if I'm not careful, and Genny is so sensitive. I don't want to hurt her. This bath and combing took two hours to complete and when I was done, we were both tired. After holding her again for a while to soothe her, I rewarded her with a cookie, which she proudly carried around with her for quite a while. Below this post is a photo of Genny's pile of hair, and then one of Genny and her cookie. She knows how pretty she looks after her bath and you can see it in the sparkle in her eyes, can't you? Sweet little Genny-Poo! Silly dog! Momma Loves You!

Look At This Pile Of Genny-Poo's Hair! It's Almost As Big As She Is!

Here Is Genny-Pooh All Clean And Pretty With Her Cookie By Her Side.

In the sidebar on the right of this page, there's a link to a short video of my little Genny-Poo being sassy. She's so funny!

This is my Maltese Chihuahua Sadie. She's 11 1/2 years old, and 9 1/2 years ago she had a mixed litter of 7 puppies. See their photos and read their story in the sidebar at the right side of this page. The puppies names are, from left to right, Duke who was the largest, Pee-Wee who was the runt of the litter, Elsie with black spots, Kadie with brown spots, Genny who was blue-grey at birth but developed a brown undercoat as she grew, I don't see Buffy, but Yoshie's tail is showing underneath Sadie's back leg. I love Sadie's expression. She seemed so surprised when the puppies were born and kept looking at me with a look on her face that seemed to say, "Is this supposed to be happening?"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dinky Daisy Wearing Daisies.

Darling Dinky Daisy is a Pomchi. (Pomeranian / Chihuahua) She loves it when I sing to her. Her favorite song is, "I'll Give You A Daisy A Day". The song goes, "I'll give you a Daisy a day dear, I'll give you a Daisy a day; I'll love you until all the rivers run still, and the four winds we know blow away."