Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bath Time For Genny-Poo. Just Look At That Funny Face And Those Big, Dark Eyes!

Genny-Poo just hates to take a bath. You can't say the word B-A-T-H or let her see you getting out the towel or she will hide under the furniture for days. She also won't let me catch her, because she always thinks I'm going to do something to her that she won't like. So on Bath Day, the procedure is this...first you let all the dogs outside to do their business. Then you go get the towel and lay out the brush and comb and so on that you will be needing. Then you go out the kitchen door and close it behind you. Then you open the outside porch door and get the dogs to come into the little back porch room and close the outside door on them. Now they're trapped and you can pick up Genny-Poo, or whoever, and then let the rest of the dogs back into the kitchen. But Genny is onto this trick and sometimes she stays out on the deck waiting to see what I'm up to. So I try to act casual...I also avoid looking at her, saying her name to my husband or thinking about the bath, because I'm sure she can read my mind. Finally, I say, don't you want to come in and get a Cookie? Then she comes in and I can catch her. All through her bath I tell her what a good little doggie she is, and promise to give her a cookie when she's done. Poor little dear. After the bath, I wrap her in a towel and rock her in my lap for a while until she relaxes. Then I comb her hair, using only the tip of the comb, on one piece of hair at a time, because she has a shedding undercoat that will tangle if I'm not careful, and Genny is so sensitive. I don't want to hurt her. This bath and combing took two hours to complete and when I was done, we were both tired. After holding her again for a while to soothe her, I rewarded her with a cookie, which she proudly carried around with her for quite a while. Below this post is a photo of Genny's pile of hair, and then one of Genny and her cookie. She knows how pretty she looks after her bath and you can see it in the sparkle in her eyes, can't you? Sweet little Genny-Poo! Silly dog! Momma Loves You!

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