Saturday, September 27, 2008

Meet Waldo, The Royal Hairless Chinese Crested.

I just love this dog. Look at that sweet face and those amazing eyes! Waldo is the only dog I have that is not Chihuahua or part Chihuahua. He's not really Dinky either. The breed standard from the AKC for Chinese Crested Dogs says that they should be between six and twelve pounds, so that's what I expected. Imagine my surprise when he got bigger and bigger until now he's twenty-two pounds at 16 months old! He's finally stopped growing, but he's sure not a little take along in a purse dog like you see in Hollywood! Tonight I had to pick him up to put him on the scale and I could hardly lift him!

I have many more things I'd like to tell you about Waldo, but we'll come back to him some other day. Here's another photo I took of him in profile. He has the prettiest golden hair. It's blond on his face and forehead and then red from the top back. He only has hair on his head, tail and feet. He also has a little on his back that shines in the sun to make him look like a Golden Dog. They are called "Royal Chinese Cresteds", you know!

PS, I would love to hear from anyone out there who has a Big Beautiful Crested like mine! Please leave me a message and share a photo. Take care! ~Carol Jean~


  1. Wonderful Waldo and all the Dinky Dogs. What a great bunch of pets! That would be a great name for a circus troop, too. And I mean that with love. DeeDee

  2. Thank you DeeDee, Sometimes it feels like a circus at that! Thank you for enjoying my photos and dogs. Woof, Carol Jean