Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet Sophie, the Chihuahua. (Webshots Album Featured in Pets, Chihuahuas, Dec. 2007.)

Meet Sophie, the Smooth Coat Chihuahua. She has short hair that's very smooth and slick. I've had her for two and a half years and she's been a real joy! On the left is her baby photo. She has a look on her face like, "Are you listening to me?" and that's what she's actually saying. She was telling her Daddy, "It's time to turn off the TV and go to bed now! I'm tired and I want to crawl under my blanket on your bed." Sophie sleeps on my husband's bed, under her own little 101 Dalmatians Baby Blanket. She has her Daddy wrapped around her little doggie paw and he does whatever she asks. I wish he listened to me so well! Every evening they watch TV together and when she gets tired, she stands on his chest and puts her nose in his face and gives him that look, and then he says, "Is it time for bed? Are you tired?" and off they go, upstairs. When her Daddy isn't around, Sophie sleeps on pillows and crocheted baby blankets with Waldo. Waldo loves her very much. When he came here as a puppy, he adopted her for his mother. Here's a very short Video clip, of Waldo and Sophie together under their blanket. So Cute!

Waldo And Sophie Under The Blankets.">

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