Friday, October 3, 2008

Short Video Of Waldo Jumping.

Video Of Waldo Jumping! Funny!

Click on the link above to see a short video I took this morning of Funny Waldo Jumping. He's jumping because he wants me to sit on the garden bench and put him in my lap. He's so funny, I just had to laugh. He jumps pretty high, too! I counted, and he jumped 14 times in 35 seconds! And just watch that tail wag, and his ears wiggle, trying to tell me with everything he's got what he wants! I hope you enjoy the video. ~Carol Jean~


  1. Hi! DeeDee sent me this note about this video in an email...".He can sure jump! That is so funny! Look at that tail go wag wag wag he sure loves you-DeeDee"

  2. And here's another comment from my niece LaDora...."That is soo cute. I can't beleive how big Waldo has gotten. Can't wait to see more."
    said ladoramartin 1 days ago

  3. It was fun watching the heartwarming video! Waldo is but extraordinary!