Friday, November 14, 2008

Here Are Some Photos Of My Sweet Cats.

I know this is a Dog Blog, but I would also like to share my kitty family with you. At the top of the page we have a photo of Baby Kitty. She is nearly 20 and is the only cat I have that's still living. Every day when I pet her, she kisses my hand.
Next is Spot, a Calico who lived to be 15, and Fuffy, a Calico who lived to be 14. Next we have Darlin' a Persian who lived to be 18, and then Kidden who had extra toes, who lived to be 16, and Trissy, who we just lost 2 weeks ago at age 19. In the last photo, we see Trissy in the Cat Porch my husband made for him. He loved to look out at the garden and watch the birds from his own private sun porch. These kitties were spoiled! And I miss each and every one, everyday.


  1. They are all beautiful! and how lucky to be spoiled by such a kind mommy.
    Hugs, Lynda

  2. I'm going to use your cat porch as a model to make my kitty one. My Gwen looks a lot like your Baby Kitty. I hope she lives to be 20+, too!