Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dinky Daisy's Christmas Photo Is Featured At Webshots.

Today Dinky Daisy's Christmas photo is Featured, [Photo Of The Day, or POTD] at Webshots in Pets, Chihuahuas. I'm so proud of my Daisy and Sophie for being featured this week. Happy Holidays To Everone! ~Carol Jean~


  1. Congratulations on Dinky Daisy's photo. That's a very cute picture. We've shared a couple awards with you on our blog.

    wags and wiggles
    Haley & Bailey

  2. Hey! I just popped over from Haley and Bailey's blog as they nominated you for an award! Your blog is lovely, your little dogs are adorable and your cats are pretty cool too....20yrs old?! WOW!
    Have a great Christmas with love from Scotland xx

  3. Oh, Thank you so much Bailey and Haley for the award. Back at ya, to be sure! Have a Great Christmas! Love, Carol Jean and her Dinky Dogs.