Monday, December 22, 2008

Some Information About My Waldo And The Royal Chinese Crested Breed.

Meet Wonderful Waldo! Waldo is a Royal Hairless Chinese Crested Dog. He is now one and a half years old. Waldo is an unusual dog, and he's also unusual for a Chinese Crested. The breed standard says Cresteds range from 6 - 12 pounds. Waldo is now 22 pounds! He's not fat, he just grew to be a big strong dog. Also, most Cresteds are some combination of Black and white. Usually with Black bodies. Sometimes Black and White spots. I have seen some with grey bodies and blond hair. Waldo's body was pink as a baby and now is sort of brown. Cresteds tan in the summer and their skin darkens. He has Strawberry Blond hair, which is Blond on his forehead and then Red from there back. His hair goes down his spine, and he has hair on his feet and the end of his tail. His hair is still growing a bit. The rest of him is hairless, and his skin feels like human skin. He's changed so much since he was a baby. Chinese Cresteds also come in a Powder Puff variety that have long hair all over their bodies and are shaggy looking. They carry the gene for both Hairy and Hairless and produce mixed litters. They are not from China, but originally may be from the Egyptian, African area and were picked up by the Chinese ships and developed by them. Because they are Hairless, they are good for allergy sufferers and also there is no shedding or problems with fleas. On ships they were good at keeping the rats controlled.

Chinese Cresteds can be aloof and a bit timid, developing a close bond with their families. They are not for everyone. You have to be very patient with them. You mustn't scold or punish them, or you will lose their trust. Teach them with gentleness and love and they will return your affection. (I recommend the training methods of Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer. See the link to his Website in the sidebar at the right of this page.) Cresteds are also known as the Healing Dogs, and I can say that my own health problems have lessened since Waldo came to live with me. Holding Cresteds have been proven to reduce high blood pressure and other problems such as arthritis. I love my Wonderful Waldo. He's a goofy, funny, silly, intelligent dog, and I love to hold him and kiss his silly face. Waldo came to me because he was unwanted by his first owner, so if you are considering getting a Chinese Crested, please learn as much as you can about them first, and spend time with the dog before adopting it to see his personality. There seems to be a lot of difference from one individual dog to another. Even the breeders often have different opinions about the breed. ~Carol Jean~

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  1. As a fellow CC lover I agree they have such kissy can't help yourself.