Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sophie The Chihuahuas' Terrible Adventure.

[Post By Sophie, The Smooth-Coat Chihuahua.] Oh My, the most terrible thing happened to me tonight! I'm not sure I'm over it yet. Here's what happened. Mom let us out into the snow to do our business as usual, and even though it was almost zero out, I took a quick trip to the back of the garden, to look for signs of rabbits in the yard. I know where they go out by the fence, but to get there, I had to squeeze between the fence and some stuff Dad had stored there. There are a few bikes, storm windows, lattice for the fence and long boards. I pushed the lattice aside and squeezed into the space. Then I couldn't get out again. I looked all around me, but I couldn't remember how I got in there. The wind was blowing and it was so cold. I heard Mom calling my name over and over again. The other dogs had gone back into the house and I was out there all alone. I've never been so scared. Every few minutes, Mom would call my name again, and I could tell she was getting frightened because I hadn't come back. Then after what seemed like a very long time, I finally gave a little bark so Mom would know where I was. Then I could hear her coming out to me, with her shoes crunching deep into the frozen snow and calling my name. The wind had erased my footprints, and if I hadn't barked, Mom wouldn't have ever known what had happened to me. By the time she found me, she was crying, and the tears were freezing on her cheeks. She had to move a lot of the things out of the way, and then finally, I was free, and I jumped all around her legs to show her I was OK. We struggled back to the house, all the time Mom was saying, "Oh Poor Sophie! I was so afraid I wouldn't find you." When we got in the house, Mom wrapped me up in a towel and held me for a long time to warm me up. I kissed her face over and over again and kissed away her tears. I even licked her ears to comfort her. Then we both gave a big sigh and just rested there, glad to be together again. I'm so glad Mom came out and found me. I hope nothing like this ever happens again. When Dad came home, Mom told him that I had been outside for half an hour. Luckily, the area I was lost in had a roof overhead, or I would have been buried in the snow. The next time us dogs went out tonight, you can believe that I was the first one back in the house. I think I've learned my lesson. Whew! Now, all I want is to climb into Mom's warm bed with her and have a good night's sleep. My wish tonight is that all good little Doggies have a warm place to be out of the snow, and someone that loves them, as much as I am loved. Doggie Kisses, Sophie.


  1. When it's so bitter cold like this we often worry about all the pups left outside with no moms to hug them. Sophie, we're so glad your mom found you. Must have been very scary & cold!

    wags and wiggles,
    Haley & Bailey

  2. Hey, thanks for visiting us! Oh poor Sophie, thank goodness you remembered how to bark and your Mom found you okay! Once Alfie went missing, he chased a deer and wouldn't come back, he got lost in the forest and we thought we'd never see him again....he was out ALL NIGHT by himself and our Dad found him the next day, he was so tired and there had been a blizzard during the night too, he was very lucky!
    We couldn't find your Chinese Crested jumping video, can you give us a link? We'd love to watch it! You keep each other warm and safe, won't you? And have a great Christmas!
    Slobbers xx

  3. Hi! Yes, thank you for your sympathy. It was very scary. The video of Waldo jumping is in the sidebar on the right side of this page under links to my own videos. Waldo's videos are at the bottom. I think you'd enjoy them.