Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Steal Each Other's Cookie Game...Post By Dinky Daisy.

[Post By Dinky Daisy.] Hello Friends. How are you holding up this winter? Here in the Midwest of America we've had snow, cold, ice, more snow and snow. It seems like there's never been so much snow here before. We Dinky Dogs hear Mom say, "Let's go outside, Doggies." and then we all run to the door, and crash into each other as we all try to be the first doggie out the door. Then, the dog in the lead (Usually Waldo) puts on the brakes as he sees the snow is falling once again, and all the rest of us dogs, pile up behind him in a crush of little bodies. Then we turn and look at Mom standing in the doorway, and she says, "Go, Go, Go!" And so we do. Out we run to the gate and back as fast as we can, then we touch base with the deck, then run out a second time, and each one of us finds a place where the snow is not too deep to do our business. Then Mom calls us in and we all go crashing back into the house, feet frozen, heads covered with snow, and thankful we have a nice warm house to return to. Then Mom gives us all a cookie and tells us what good little dogs we are. I agree, we are good little dogs! Then we each take our cookies to a different corner of the house to eat them in private. But because we've been cooped up in the house so long this winter, and we need to invent new games we can play in the house, we play the Steal Each Other's Cookie Game. Waldo will hide his cookie beneath his blanket and then sneak around to see if anyone has left their cookie unattended. Usually, he tries to get Genny's cookie, so she runs circles around the kitchen table with her cookie held tightly in her mouth. But Genny's so silly, she stops to bark at Waldo, and that causes her to drop her cookie. Sophie knows from the past that this often happens, so she's right there watching the whole thing, and when Genny drops her cookie, Sophie snatches it up and runs. That makes Waldo chase her, and Mom has to give poor Genny a second cookie. I believe that was Genny's plan all along, to get Waldo to chase Sophie and forget about her. Meanwhile, Pepe digs Waldo's cookie out from beneath the blanket, so now Pepe has two. I take my cookie over to my pillow and hide my face in the corner with my cookie hidden beneath me. They can't get it that way. I often guard my cookie for an hour without eating it. Sometimes I just lick it a little and savor the ownership of it. Pee-Wee gobbles his cookie up right away as soon as he gets it, and Clancy takes his cookie upstairs to eat it in peace, then comes back down the stairs and tells Mom that he's been overlooked and never got a cookie at all, and she gives him a second one. Mom figures Clancy needs fattening up anyway, so she pretends she doesn't know what he's up to. Then finally, Waldo remembers his cookie and finds that Pepe has taken it, and so he also tells Mom that he needs another cookie, and she gives it to him, silly dog! Then things quiet down and we all take a little nap until Mom again calls out, "Let's go outside. Doggies." Then we get to do it all over again! ~ Tail Wags And Doggie Kisses To You All...Dinky Daisy ~


  1. Haha, that sounds like a fun game....and if it keeps the cold and the boredom at bay.....
    Stay cosy little buddies :o)
    Slobbers xx

  2. Thank you, dear Carol Jean, for the heartwarming story! I translated the cookie story for Wicki to laugh at it, too, but started to early, so that I realized to late that the story did not end with Waldo getting the cookie because Jenny dropped hers while barking! You are a gifted writer (or is it Dinky Daisy :) Thank you for the smile! Greetings from Vienna, Vera