Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meet Clancy The Rescue Dog. He's A Pomchi, Or A Pomeranian Chihuahua.

Looking at these photos just breaks my heart. The first two photos are from the day we got him. The third photo is after only five days. The last two photos are after eight months. It's remarkable. I don't think I'd even recognise him as the same dog.

Poor Clancy came to us after he'd been lost, abandoned, abused, starved and neglected. He was covered in fleas, and had broken teeth and a swollen mouth from trying to chew his way free, or the Vet said, he may have been trying to eat rocks. He was almost too weak to stand and could only eat a spoonful of canned food at a time because his tummy was so small from starvation. He was just skin and bones. He only weighed 6 1/2 pounds. Now he weighs 11 pounds. He looked at me with an expression of fear mixed with hope as he wondered what another human being would put him through. All I could do was cradle him in my arms, cry on his fur and say soothing words to him. After a $400.00 trip to the vet, two flea baths and some TLC, he's turned into a beautiful dog, who's very sweet and loving. We are both glad we found each. The other dogs welcomed him immediately! They gathered around him, and wiggle-wagged all over. Pepe hugged him and placed his chin on Clancy's back, and clung to him the first few months he was here. I'm sure Pepe's healing hugs gave Clancy the will to live. That, and all the love we could give him. Now he has his forever home, here with us, and all the Little Dinky Dogs. ~Carol Jean~ [To view a Slide show of Clancy's photos at Webshots, Click on his photo in the sidebar at the right side of this page.]


  1. Carol, thanks for dropping by my Blog and for those enlightening comments. I wished you all the best in your future relationship.

    Did I told you before that I have a phobia of dogs? It due to a nasty experience I've when I was young. Are dog hard to train? Which dog is best for small housing keeping?

    Thanks for advising..

  2. Does he shed a lot?

  3. Oh I have a dog like that (: we got her from a shelter since she was a stray. Anyway, she's 15 pounds, black and tan and adorable!