Saturday, July 11, 2009

New Photos Of Baby Joy, 11 Week Old Chorkie Puppy. (A Chihuahua / Yorkie.)

This week we had a little photo session and fashion show with Baby Joy. She's 11 weeks old now, and has her own ideas about things. She can be so sweet and loving, but then wants to get down and play. She sometimes gives me a devilish look out of the corner of her eye, and then watch out! She's been playing every day with "The Boys", Clancy and Waldo, and she's getting to be quite a Tomboy. I have to remember to hold her every day and make her relax and enjoy being held, or she may become too much of a "Doggie Dog", preferring the other dogs company to humans. She has such a big appetite! And I'm sure she grows bigger overnight! I hope she stays small, but we'll just have to wait and see. At first she looked very much like a little Yorkie puppy, but now she's resembling a Long Haired Chihuahua more. She has soft, silky, shiny black hair that has a sort of blue sheen to it in the sun, which reminds me of the color of Superman's hair in the old comic books! She totally joins in with whatever the other dogs are doing and they are getting more used to her every day. Yesterday I took a few very short videos of her playing with the other dogs in the garden and you just have to laugh at how funny she is. If you would like to see her album, or the slide show of her album, there are links on the right side of the page if you click on her photos. If you play the slide show, the videos play one after the other. I will update her album every week or so if you want to watch Baby Joy grow. She sends Tail Wags and Doggie Kisses to you all! ~Carol Jean~

Monday, July 6, 2009

Clancy The Pomchi Kaleidoscope.

Here's a picture of my Pomchi, (Pomeranian Chihuahua), Clancy as through a Kaleidoscope x 4. Isn't he sweet?

How I Helped Clancy To Not Be Afraid Of Fireworks And Thunder.

Poor little Clancy is a Pomchi, a Pomeranian Chihuahua, and he is a Rescue Dog. Read his story in the sidebar at the right side of this page. It's also posted at the Animal Rescue Site and the link to that is at the bottom of this blog page. When Clancy came to live with us he was very frightened of loud noises. He was terrified and trembled when we had a thunder storm, or if the neighbor kids shot off some fireworks. He would try to climb into my lap, but even if I held him and talked soothingly to him, he would not stop trembling. I could tell by his behavior when I first took him in, that he was unused to coming into a house, so I think he must have been left outside in the rain and thunder many times, possibly without even any shelter. I felt so sorry for him. Then I watched one of The Dog Whisperer shows with Cesar Millan, and on that show, a couple had a very fearful dog. They had tried for years to soothe him and stroked him when he was afraid, and they pitied him, but nothing had helped him. Then Cesar came to their house and he explained that when a dog is fearful, and you say to him, "It's alright" and pet him, he thinks you're actually telling him that it's alright to be afraid. You are reinforcing his fear and feeding it. It's better to ignore it. Act calm, so the dog sees you are not afraid yourself, and then don't look at the dog, or pet him. Just perhaps gently tell him to hush and lay down, but then don't say anything else. After a while, the dog will become quiet, and each time it will happen sooner until the dog won't be afraid anymore. I decided to try this with my Clancy, and it worked! It took a while, but each time he trembled less and for less time, until now he hardly notices the thunder anymore. Last week I knew we had won that battle when he volunteered to accompany me out on the front porch to watch a wonderful lightning storm that lit up the sky like fireworks. He stood next to me and watched it with me and didn't show any fear at all. So I would recommend Cesar's training methods, and also to watch his TV show, The Dog Whisperer. There is a link to his site in the side bar at the right side of this page. Thank you, Cesar! ~Carol Jean~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carol Doing The Doggie Walk With Her Dinky Dogs.

Hello Friends, I found an old email I sent to a friend 2 years ago about what it was like to let the dogs out. Since then I've lost a few dogs and added a few more, so the names have changed, but the story hasn't. Here is what it sounds like...what I do all day...

"Come on doggies, let's walk out to the gate...go...go,go...go potty. Did you go
potty? OK, good doggies. Let's go back to the house now. Pepe, quit
barking! Everybody in? One, two, three...four, five... where's Sadie?
Hurry up Sadie. Come on. OK, now everybody gets a cookie! Momma loves the
doggies! Here, get your cookies! Sadie, here's yours, then
Pee-Wee...Genny, no, you don't get, that's enough...Sophie, here's
yours, take it, come on now. You don't like that kind? OK, how about a
Chicken flavored How about a beef one? OK, that's better. Pepe,
you'd better come and get your cookie, because I'm not coming in there to
give it to you. There you go. And a little one for Waldo. Everybody got
one? Waldo, did Sadie take yours? Bad dog're getting too fat.
Don't you take Waldo's cookie. Here Waldo. . OK, now that's all. Silly

And this goes on exactly the same way 8 times a day.
Exactly! Carol Jean :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet Baby Joy, A Chorkie Puppy.

Meet Baby Joy, A Chorkie puppy. She's 9 weeks old. She was born on April 22, 2009. A Chorkie is a hybrid "designer dog" who is half Chihuahua and half Yorkie. Joy's mother was a 5 1/2 pound Yorkie and her father was a 7 pound Merle Chihuahua. I don't know if the father was long or short haired, but one of the other puppies in the litter was a short haired Merle. At 9 weeks, Joy weighs 2 pounds. She had an identical brother from the same litter that was significantly larger. I hope little Joy stays small, because I prefer Dinky Dogs! It's too early to say how she will look as she grows, but at this time she most resembles a Yorkie puppy. She has very smooth, soft, shiny black hair that is growing longer every day. She's very intelligent and has been no bother at all. She follows my other Dinky Dogs around and mimics everything they do. She's very funny and confident. She can go all the way up and down the stairs by herself now and sleeps next to the other dogs. Clancy has taken a liking to her especially, and lets her curl up with him. I have posted some first photos of her and a few short videos in her album at, and if you click on her photo at the right side of this page, it will take you there. I'll add new photos as she grows so you can follow her progress. Baby Joy is a sweet little dog and I hope you agree with me that she's special. So I now have 6 Dinky Dogs living here with me, and one 20 year old cat, and we are quite content! ~Carol Jean~