Sunday, July 5, 2009

Carol Doing The Doggie Walk With Her Dinky Dogs.

Hello Friends, I found an old email I sent to a friend 2 years ago about what it was like to let the dogs out. Since then I've lost a few dogs and added a few more, so the names have changed, but the story hasn't. Here is what it sounds like...what I do all day...

"Come on doggies, let's walk out to the gate...go...go,go...go potty. Did you go
potty? OK, good doggies. Let's go back to the house now. Pepe, quit
barking! Everybody in? One, two, three...four, five... where's Sadie?
Hurry up Sadie. Come on. OK, now everybody gets a cookie! Momma loves the
doggies! Here, get your cookies! Sadie, here's yours, then
Pee-Wee...Genny, no, you don't get, that's enough...Sophie, here's
yours, take it, come on now. You don't like that kind? OK, how about a
Chicken flavored How about a beef one? OK, that's better. Pepe,
you'd better come and get your cookie, because I'm not coming in there to
give it to you. There you go. And a little one for Waldo. Everybody got
one? Waldo, did Sadie take yours? Bad dog're getting too fat.
Don't you take Waldo's cookie. Here Waldo. . OK, now that's all. Silly

And this goes on exactly the same way 8 times a day.
Exactly! Carol Jean :)

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