Thursday, July 2, 2009

Meet Baby Joy, A Chorkie Puppy.

Meet Baby Joy, A Chorkie puppy. She's 9 weeks old. She was born on April 22, 2009. A Chorkie is a hybrid "designer dog" who is half Chihuahua and half Yorkie. Joy's mother was a 5 1/2 pound Yorkie and her father was a 7 pound Merle Chihuahua. I don't know if the father was long or short haired, but one of the other puppies in the litter was a short haired Merle. At 9 weeks, Joy weighs 2 pounds. She had an identical brother from the same litter that was significantly larger. I hope little Joy stays small, because I prefer Dinky Dogs! It's too early to say how she will look as she grows, but at this time she most resembles a Yorkie puppy. She has very smooth, soft, shiny black hair that is growing longer every day. She's very intelligent and has been no bother at all. She follows my other Dinky Dogs around and mimics everything they do. She's very funny and confident. She can go all the way up and down the stairs by herself now and sleeps next to the other dogs. Clancy has taken a liking to her especially, and lets her curl up with him. I have posted some first photos of her and a few short videos in her album at, and if you click on her photo at the right side of this page, it will take you there. I'll add new photos as she grows so you can follow her progress. Baby Joy is a sweet little dog and I hope you agree with me that she's special. So I now have 6 Dinky Dogs living here with me, and one 20 year old cat, and we are quite content! ~Carol Jean~


  1. Hi Carol Jean.......No wonder you are up at night. I'm glad I'm not the only person that puters rather than sleep. I haven't sone so much with webshots except pics as I hae all my website to keep up with.
    I love your Pepe he is so full coated like my Senor. He came from a show kennel too.
    I'm going to do a repeat breeding with my maci and senor this fall and senor and sweety this winter. I will breed my prissy back to a yorkie next spring. I'm trying to get the perfect sized chorkie. Prissy is so greedy she ets too much like Me....and we are both too fat. Heck it's too hot to go outside as I have congestive heart failure and other things and the heat gets to me.
    Lord willing I hope I can see my endeavor full circle.
    I added your message and link in my guest book and will add the webshots site in my links page on my chorkie site. I'll make you a banner with Joy on it....Have a nice day......gotta go groom a yorkie.

  2. Which breeder did you get her from? I've been searching for a Chorkie for months now and can't find any breeders.

    Please email me back at

  3. Sorry, I bought her from the local pet store. I don't know the breeder's name. Carol Jean

  4. I am buying one tomorrow from a local breeder (Baltimore, MD) if anyone wants her information. Mom is a Chihuahua and 4 lbs. and dad is Yorkie and 3 pounds, so the puppies will only get up to 4lbs, at most. E-mail me if you want her info..