Friday, October 29, 2010

I decided to give my Maggie away...I miss her...

I'm sorry to report that I decided to give my Maggie away. I've never had to give a dog away before and it broke my heart, because I loved her very much. But she was too big and strong for my little Chihuahuas. She grew to be 16 pounds, and they're about 8 pounds. She would tackle Daisy as if she was a Middle Line Backer, and POW, Daisy would go tumbling over. Then Daisy's knee was damaged by all this rough play, and she'd limp around, and hide under the table whenever Maggie was around. This wasn't fair to Daisy, so, as much as I was sorry to do it, I let Maggie go to a nice family with two teenage boys, who promised to roll around on the floor with her, take her for long walks and let her sleep with them on the couch in the evenings. Good-Bye My Dear Little Mags. I'll miss you, but I won't forget you. Be good. (sigh...)PS, After a few weeks Daisy's leg improved and now she kicks up her heals and plays happily in the garden again, and I'm sure I did the right thing. Dear Daisy...she's so sweet.

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