Wednesday, November 3, 2010

[Post By Dinky Daisy} Oh, Halloween was such a fright! Lots of little people with horrible faces and scary clothes came to the door and rang and rang the bell. I barked as I heard them coming up the front walk, but it didn't stop them a bit. Mom kept opening the door to them, even though I warned her not to! Sometimes I don't think she listens to me very well. I'll have to try harder to train her!!

After Mom opened the door, she gave sweet smelling candy to each of the scary little people. I don't know what she'd want to do that for! They must have told each other about it, because it seemed as if every little person in town came to our door!

I asked Mom if I could have some of the candy too, so she gave me a little piece of candy that was yellow, orange and white and looked a bit like corn. These were very good, and all of us dogs got some. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I wasn't the only one of us dogs that was barking...all 5 of us were! The little scary people seemed to be impressed by all the noise we were making, and after getting their candy from Mom, they quickly ran away again. I know we must have scared them! And as any dog knows, anytime a dog can scare a person away, WE WIN! So after a couple of hours, the little creatures must have passed the word around that there were 5 terrible, fierce dogs at our house, because they quit coming. Whew, that was a long night's work for us 5 little dogs. After Mom said what good little doggies we were, she gave each of us one last piece of candy. Then we all piled on top of each other in our dog bed for a good night's rest, proud that we'd done our job well of protecting our home.

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