Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet Sophie The Chihuahua On A Rubics Cube, For A Christmas Ornament.

[Post by Sophie] Hello everybody! I haven't made a post for a while, because Dinky Daisy has been hogging the blog a bit! I really don't mind, because I love her very much, but it's time for us other dogs to get a turn. So today we're sharing a photo of Sweet Little Me put on a Rubics Cube. Mom thinks it would be fun this year to print out our photos on Rubics Cubes, and then cut them out and put them on the Christmas Tree for ornaments! Two photos can be glued back to back to made a two sidded ornament if you wish. Isn't that a Great Idea? She's going to make some other ones with the other dogs, and we will have a Barking Good Christmas this year! If you'd like to turn your photos into Rubics Cubes and get other fun photo effects, visit It's free! And if you do, please come back and leave us a message! We'd love to hear from you! Bark! Bark!

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