Friday, February 18, 2011

*Dinky Daisy Dressed As A Country Girl*

Here I am, dressed as a Country Girl ready for a pick-nick. We'll be having a lot of pick-nicks this summer I hope. We'll get together with the Beagles next door, and play a game of tag. Then, we'll have a race around the racetrack along the inside of the fence. After a game of touch foot ball, we'll snack on some Nacho Chips until the Hot Dogs are ready to eat. (Do you think they're really made from DOGS? The neighbor boy said so, but I think he was just pulling my leg!) Then we'll eat Graham Crackers while the grown ups eat Sm'ores. We won't be having any though, because they say Chocolate and Marshmallows aren't too good for little dogs. Then we'll sit by the dieing embers of the fire and remember other summer days, and say a prayer for absent friends. As the stars spread across the sky, we'll say good night, and watch as our neighbors walk home, glad to have had such an enjoyable day together. Hurry Summer...I can't wait!

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