Saturday, February 12, 2011

***Dinky Daisy On Quilting Fabric***

Mom wants to share this story with you..."A couple of years ago, I bought a bag of depression era quilting scraps at a flea market. The scraps were cut in the shape of petals to be sewn in a daisy style quilt block. Looking through the scraps, I found only one with a cute white Scottie dog wearing a red bow, on a blue background. I loved this print and thought about the Aunt Grace 1930's Reproduction fabrics designed by Judy Rothermel. I sent the scrap to Judy at the School House Quilt Shoppe, and she used it in her next Aunt Grace fabric line. When it was printed she sent me a yard of it as a thank you. Now I can sew little white Scottie dogs into all my scrap quilts, and enjoy the thought that this fabric print is now reproduced for a new generation to enjoy! (I see Judy still has some of the fabric left, and is selling it at $8.00 a yard.) I think it looks like Dinky Daisy, don't you?"

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